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Andrie J. Lim
Chief Alliance Manager

Victor hails from Dubai and has made his home in Atlanta, GA since 2009. His background is as a sales engineer and has worked as a National Sales Manager for such prestigious organizations as Capital City Group and IMG. 


Victor brings his skills, networking, and knowledge into JD Enterprises as leads our Executive Sales team and manages Affiliations and Direct Partner relations. 

Julie has had a love for creating and designing since she was a child. After graduating with her MBA from Kellogg in 2008, she has offered her skills for such institutes as the Integar Group, Seed Capital Inc. and NetApp before coming to JD Enterprises. 


Today, Julie overseas all media and marketing relations for JD Enterprises and works with our Affiliate network to assist in providing product material and marketing processes to be successful in their associated industries. 

ABOUT JD Enterprises

JD Enterprises is a global services consulting & project management firm which opened its doors in the eastern US in 2004. We work with our customers and partners to create unique user experiences. Our direct approach in defining successful strategies allow our customers to edge out competition and create delivered business processes which are focused and highly efficient. We pride ourselves on the service that we offer and as a result we have become a trusted partner to some of the world’s largest brands, including Anthem Bluecross/Blueshield, Amazon, LG, University of Phoenix, Sony, Microsoft, and Oracle.
Justin DeWitt
Founder and Principal

Andrie graduated with a degree in Architecture in Ateneo de Davao University in the Philippines in 2005. After graduating he pursued a career in the outsourcing industry, which he has been working in now for almost 6 years. Being in the Philippines, which is one of the epicenter of the BPO industry, he has experiences handling various project landscapes for clients.


Andrie oversees the project operations division of JD Enterprises and works as the lead strategist of internal operations and support. 


Justin once dreamed of running his own apprentice business and first began designing and consulting with clients on business strategy while still a college student. He developed a passion for streamlining business operations and began taking on larger clients and bigger projects. Today his operations have grown to have a global reach and works closely with a group of dedicated partnerships to provide performance based solutions for full force automation platforms.

Justin oversees the creative direction at JD Enterprises as well as business development and Operations.


We're a tight team of fast paced consultancy experts. We look forward to meeting you and your organization and helping you define your goals, design solutions - and bring them to fruition! So what are you waiting for, let's meet" 


Justin DeWitt, Principal JD Enterprises llc

Executive Team

Our "5" Point Strategy

Julie Bailey
VP Marketing
Victor Kumar
Operation Controller

Our dedicated Business Analysts will work with you to solve your solution issues. We understand the importance that every piece of your business runs smooth. Critical components can cause complete shutdowns and non-critical items and slow production and service deployments. Our team will complete a full scope analysis and identify these weaknesses then provide you with stable solutions to get your business back to work. 

We take the information gathered together with you and design a set of platforms that match your business processes and methodologies. This ensures the final application is exactly what is required to enhance performance and is not encumbered by processes that are confusing and don't match your existing way of doing business. 

In order to apply enhancements to efficiency our highly skilled engineering teams take existing applications and modify the architecture to increase performance, reduce latency and adoption issues while streamlining existing processes to make the software work for you not against you. 

We understand that your business requires more than just one step to function. Our process focuses on a complete automation of business solutions. Through custom integration of the suite of applications that your business relies on we can provide a single platform where information is stored and transferred instantly. Full service integration allows you to control not only your business processes from beginning to end but time, budget and ROI.

We offer a tailored set of support offerings to assist your business efforts and ensure that the performance enhancements we have provided stays fully operational for you keeping efficiency and stability at a constant. To assist in the roll-out of some or all of your application needs our experienced training staff will be happy to come to your locations and personally train your teams to make adoption to any changes easier. 

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