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Integration & Automation

Solution Integration and Automation plays an integral role in how companies will transform their end-to-end operations to scale and compete in the digital future. We bring together powerful intuitive platforms, cognitive products, enablement services, and process-specific industry solutions to accelerate your transformation.


From field level to company management level, the extensive range of automation software software suites we provide offers up sophisticated solutions that have been designed by our top tier providers with precise attention given to every detail. The tailored functions and options that JD Enterprises put into the delivery of industrial, mechanical, and digital automation software ensure that you achieve maximum efficiency within the scope of operations and tasks.



JD Enterprises digital automation is a suite of powerful automation and cognitive technologies that helps companies scale their operations, improve speed of innovation and empower employees.  Automation industry solutions maximize portability, scale and innovation by leveraging leading external digital technologies across an open integration framework. 



JD Enterprises central integration (CI) services offers your business the means to modernize, consolidate, and coordinate operations. Our integration services consist of data integration services, enterprise integration services, and systems integration services.

The JD Enterprise CI services allows your business to update existing or legacy applications to “talk” to other applications, integrate web-based features into older desktop applications and collaborate with the CI integration services team to synchronize your business processes with technology making your organization more competitive and responsive to change.

Software Integration Services

  • Erp

  • SaaS

  • Data Intergration

  • Consulting

  • App Integration

  • IT Integration


Our software integration services help businesses get more out of their software assets. The proliferation of technology has created amazing new opportunities but having so many options has also created a lot of inefficiency as software is added piece by piece to an organization’s portfolio with no overall strategy.  The result is confusion, latency, data duplication, and unneeded steps in the process to execute your operations. Whether your existing apps can’t talk to each other or you have old technology that needs to be updated to keep pace with modern solutions, we can help.

We can bring the old technology and new together. Integrating software is a vital aspect of a seamless business deployment. We Base our process of integration on a thorough analysis of your existing application portfolio and run on a thorough assessment of software assets identifying some apps which need to be retired and some which need to be replaced while others simply need to be integrated with newer solutions to deliver their full value. One example of  this functionality is web-compatibility. JD Enterprises can take a desktop application and re-engineer it for the web, allowing integration with a far broader range of business apps.

In other cases, it is new software that needs to be integrated with a company’s existing applications. When off-the-shelf software delivers desirable features but doesn’t mesh with an organization’s technology, we bridge this gap with integration solutions. Depending on the architecture of the software on both sides of the equation, we identify for you which would be a more cost-effective solution; interlaced integration or building a custom application from scratch.

Software Integration Services Improve Data Utilization

Big Data has become big business and as a result increases both the size and complexity of stored data, it’s imperative to respond to this by finding better ways to manage and utilize these resources. JD Enterprises can integrate multiple data sources with business software to achieve:

  • Easier access to valuable data across platforms

  • Deeper insight into vital data, resulting in better decisions

  • Reduction or elimination of double-entry and other redundant tasks

  • Better synchronization of data across business applications and for all users

  • More effective collaboration with partners, customers, vendors, and business divisions

Digital & Industrial  Automation Software

From integrated drives and smart controllers to innovative PLM software the industry is right on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution. Automation is being followed by the digitalization of production. The goal: an increase of productivity, efficiency, speed, and quality, resulting in higher competitiveness for companies on their way to the future of industry. We work with leaders in these industries to provide our customers with a comprehensive offering for automation technology and the digitalization of production.

PLM Software Solutions

Product lifecycle management (PLM) software allows companies to manage the lifecycle of a product efficiently and cost-effectively, from idea drafting, design and manufacture, through service and disposal. Computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), computer-aided engineering (CAE), product data management (PDM) and digital manufacturing seamlessly converge through PLM. Multiple industries rely on this software to manage the automation process of their business models. We work with the best of the best in Service providers to bring our customers the PLM application they need to run their business. 

Process Analytics 

We work with a comprehensive range of products and systems for process and quality optimization. The world-class products that our service providers offer for process analytics include systems such as process analyzers for stand-alone and system solutions. From single analysis devices processors to complete system solutions, JD Enterprises will bring you a wide range of innovative and proven devices for your most diverse  applications.

Automation Systems

Greater efficiency through automation systems

Our service provider automation systems provide you with a future-proof answer to increasingly exacting plant and machinery requirements. Engineered to meet the needs of all industry sectors in a virtually limitless range of tasks, the superiority of our systems provides peak efficiency, extensive flexibility and high cost effectiveness — in every application.

Operation Control and Monitoring

When working as your single-source provider, we utilize a combination of applications fully integrated together and engineered to meet the increasingly complex processes of your machines and systems. The applications are optimized to meet your specific human machine interface needs using open and standardized interfaces in hardware and software, which allow efficient integration into your automation systems

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