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Mark Sparkman, CEO of Thermal Dynamics Inc.

"Our operations were streamlined by JD Enterprises deployment of the CallidusCloud CPQ and integration with our ERP system but it was their onsite training with our team and our partners as well as the continued support of the application that has allowed us to seamlessly adapt to the new technology and to have been able to have launched it on such a massive scale."


Support Services

We understand that the work is not finished just because the deployment is. Let us continue to improve your customer experience by using our case management, field service management and self-service management solutions. These package support options will drive your long term success.


One of the most important responsibilities a system administrator has, is monitoring their systems.System administrators need the ability to find out what is happening on your system at any given time. Whether it's the percentage of system's resources currently used, what commands are being run, or who is logged on critical management of these processes are crucial and JD Enterprises provides them to our customers. 



We uncover new insights quickly and easily with automated data analysis, automatic visualization and predictive analytics through our support applications. We provide the self-service you expect, data governance you require, and reporting you trust with a secure business intelligence software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. Using predictive analytics software we provide advanced techniques in an easy-to-use package to help you find new opportunities, improve efficiency and minimize risk.



We realize that timely support is critical to your success. That is why we are committed to offering support that exceeds our customers expectations. In addition to traditional email support, our support programs offer a web portal for submitting and tracking tickets. Additionally, we offer three levels of support for customers; Basic, Standard and Premium. For those customers looking to get the most mileage out of their products, we also tailor fit support with our custom package option. This level of preventive, personal and “always on” support offers concierge-level service, combined with product support that is tailor fitted for your business needs. 

Implementation Support Services


Depending on your IT requirements and business needs, we can help you build on-premise or cloud-based contact centers. Our services include:


  • Building unified service views by integrating agent desktops, CTI and dashboards

  • Designing and deploying key technologies including IVR, CTI, WFM and loggers

  • Creating CTI screen pops

  • Managing VXML migration

  • Tuning call flow performance

  • Designing analytical reports

  • Developing and customizing soft phones

Integration Support Services


Gaining a holistic view of your customer interactions requires tightly orchestrated integration with your organization's key business applications and data. Our integration management and support services enable you to do just that by bringing all of your critical information together into one system within your contact center.

We have broad knowledge of all the types of technologies that must interact with your contact center applications, including leading PLM, CPQ, ERP,  CRM and BPM solutions, mainframe host systems and a vast array of enterprise healthcare and defense and security applications.

Testing Services


Our independent verification and validation services ensure that your contact center works as it should. Our testing services include:  

  • Call handling for inbound and outbound calls, call transfers, conference calls, agent status management, voice quality and voice recognition effectiveness

  • IVR testing

  • Data accuracy testing at desktop (via CTI) and for data exchange (IVR/interaction applications)

  • Validation of call routing logic

  • Single and multiple user load testing

  • Testing of end-to-end business processes, including external application integration

  • Reports testing to validate formats and data

Managed Services


Our managed services model includes maintenance, enhancements and upgrade services that keep your contact centers running smoothly and without interruption:

  • Skilled resources for all leading contact center technologies and products

  • Ability to scale up and ramp down based on your resource requirements

  • Contact center management, upgrade and enhancement services, including IVR, CTI, ACD, WFM and logger applications

  • Single-point accountability for SLAs and performance requirements

  • Round-the-clock help desk and operations support

  • Health checks and proactive monitoring

We also provide a classification of package offerings within our managed services contracts which allows any customer no matter how big or small to benefit from value driven support and consistent monitoring and application management. 

Support Packages

JD Enterprises provides four different levels of support based on your specific needs. These packages include: 


  • Email connected support channel

  • Bug analysis and resolution

  • User error reporting and resolution

  • System monitoring Mon-Fri during working hours


  • 24x7 support for critical issues

  • Unlimited support cases per year

  • multi-email support channels

  • Product upgrades with new feature enhancements


  • Case reporting and management via web-based Customer Portal

  • Access to comprehensive knowledge center – FAQs, “How-To’s,” and Best Practices

  • 10 hours of monthly system enhancement operations (no rollover on hours)


  • If the fixed packages do not work for your business needs let us design a custom support package for you. Custom support packages include all standard options of our support system but also include specialized service offerings such as dedicated onsite support members, fully monitored front to back application coverage, data center management, IT analytic reporting and more. (Requires a 5 year term commitment.) 



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