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Applications should never be cumbersome and should never be seen as a way to eliminate all processes within a business. Well thought out and deployed software should aid existing stages of your business and provide streamline efficiency to an already effective business solution.



We understand that no two business are alike. Software should not be treated as an out of the box solution for everybody. Once your business is defined JD Enterprises will work to deliver an application which is custom fitted for your business.

The value of customization is the versatility and direct methods that it provides its users. Our custom deployments remove the clutter of functions that are not part of your business process and deploy functions that are. ​



We understand that software should enable the user not restrict them. Each step in your business process is important and the ability of the user to quickly and efficiently utilize the software that enables them should be fluid and precise with no confusion or clutter. 

Our expert team will work with your team to define their processes and architect a deployment that delivers on speed, efficiency and intuitiveness. 

We work with you to deliver custom applications using existing and emerging technologies that work well with any software portfolio to meet your specific business requirements.

Solution Implementation

Software Implementation Services


Implementing enterprise software can be a challenge for even the most developed organizations.  Understanding the basic guided principals to launching a successful product in your business is critical and each and every component that goes into this process must be met with experience and expert levels of execution.

Core competencies include:  

  • A full understanding of the business requirements

  • Selecting the right software for your business process 

  • Planning and scoping the implementation of the software 

  • Installing and configuring the software to fit the needs of your business and user functionality requirements 

  • Integrating the software with other systems to automate the processes 

  • Training and deploying the system to your users

  • Planning and managing organizational change that comes with the introduction to new applications--

and the list goes on and on...

Failure to effectively plan, manage and support your enterprise deployment can result in delays, wasted time, disappointed users and a failed implementation. All of which costs the company money and has an opposite impact than expected on your business. 

JD Enterprises LLC has proven methods and a successful track record of handling and supporting implementations of a wide variety of software tools. Any two industries are never the same and we understand that. The business requirements for a healthcare provider is drastically different than that of an industrial manufacturer. To deliver only the best service to our customers we bring in Industry experts to lead your project giving you assurance that we not only are technically capable to get the job done but we have a deep understanding of your business processes and how your industry works. ​​


For over a decade we have been providing implementation services to our customers. In this time we have developed expertise in a wide range of industries as well as a wide range of software applications. Here is a list of some of the applications we can assist and support you on:

  • Business Intelligence Software

  • Document Management

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

  • Business Process Managers (BPMs)

  • Enterprise Architecture Management

  • Project Management

  • Customer Communication Management (CCM)

  • Electronic Health Records (EHR)

  • Email File Server Solutions

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Enterprise Fraud and Misuse Management (EFM)

  • Early Warning Systems

  • Data Processing

  • Encrypting File Systems

  • DataCenter Monitoring Systems

  • Database, Data Warehousing, Data Mining

  • Environmental Health and Safety Compliance Systems

  • Real Estate Investment and Property Management

  • Executive Information Systems (EIS)

  • Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

  • Speaker Bureau Program Software

  • Disaster Recovery, Contingency Planning applications

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Defense Strategy Solutions


There are many more software applications which we can assist you with including core development and implementation of your own custom software. We believe that no processes are incapable of automation when it is linked between the actions and the success of those involved.


In addition to the  software implementation process we provide an additional host of services as a part of our package contract. These services include:

  • Software requirements definition

  • Software selection

  • Implementation planning

  • System architecture and network planning

  • Software installation and configuration

  • Systems integration and interface design

  • Custom report writing and applications development

  • Standard and custom training development and delivery

  • Organizational change managment services

  • Pilot test and production deployment

  • Mentoring and user support

  • Post-deployment reviews

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