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Your business requires essential tools to keep your operations running at peek performance.

We streamline these solutions to make you work smarter not harder. 

Outbound Logistics Solutions for Manufacturing OEMs

Our outbound logistics (OBL) solutions help clients turn their OBL processes into a source of competitive advantage. Our solutions cover the physical and information flow of the OBL process and enable close monitoring and real-time computation of key performance indicators (KPIs). We support the entire OBL value chain and the associated IT applications and infrastructure.

Connected Software Solutions for Automotive & Assembly Markets

Business Automation 360 is our Complete Connect solution, offering digital applications for a personalized production experience. BA360 includes both on-board and off-board applications for personal use and operational management purposes. The power of BA360 lies in its ability to integrate the digital technologies such as telematics, assembly line machines, mobility, order fullfillment, cloud infrastructure and big data analytics.

Complete Workforce Management

Most manufacturers struggle to implement digital workforce services and management successfully. Big Corporate leaders however are already pursuing a clear implementation strategy by investing in the collaborative robots and augmented reality devices that enable connectivity, upgrading their IT infrastructures to ensure that connectivity is secure, and training and hiring to close the skills gap between what humans can do and what machines are capable of. Their efforts promise to sustain their first-mover advantage as the Connected Industrial Workforce transforms the manufacturing value chain. We provide the knowledge that these Big Corporations have and can provide this to your organization to leverage and not only stay with the curve but to be an innovator in your marketplace.

Internet of Things to Automate production

Manufacturers can leverage the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to achieve "smart"—intelligent and connected—production processes.The IIoT will transform manufacturing. In this point of view, JD Enterprises presents a process to help guide Industrial companies on that transitional journey.We explore six key dimensions with your business—Equipment, Workforce, Materials Supply Chain, Business Process, Platform and Facility & Environment—all of which are integral to achieving smart production.

Few manufacturers are prepared for a change of this scope and the pace at which they progress toward smart production will vary greatly. We give guidance on how to accelerate it to meet your business stage and growth model. A solid business case, the ability to align Operational Technology and Information Technology, an affinity for technology change, the swift re-training of the workforce and the agile deployment of industrial security solutions are key to success.

We provide custom solutions for your company to produce the products that make our economy grow and so much more...

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